Take 20 years of construction experience coupled with networks of relationships plus a proven business model and what do you get?  The best rehab professionals around! 

Throughout the years we’ve taken lessons from our experiences and have surrounded ourselves with the best people in the industry resulting in a smooth stream-lined operation.  This system we’ve created allows us to buy a house, rehab it in 2-5 weeks, sell it within days, and make our investors very happy! 

What makes us different from the others?

  • Timing - We quickly and efficiently rehab the home (2-5 weeks), sell it (usually a few days), and pay our investors (on closing).  Others take months, we take weeks!
  • Attention to Detail – Other people in the rehab industry tend to hide problem areas in the home.  In our system we find any imperfections in the house and fix them whether it’s the foundation, in the attic, or behind the walls!  We go through the house with a fine-tooth comb and eliminate whatever problem we find--mold, termites, decay, cracks, etc.
  • Quality and Style – Regardless of whether we’re working on a high-end home, or a low-end home, we put quality finishes on ALL our homes.  See our photo gallery for past rehabs to see it for yourself!
  • People – The most integral part of our system is people.  We use the same subcontractors in our organization.  We know each individual personally and what each is best at doing.  Our project managers and directors of operations have extensive credibility and experience when it comes to this type of work. 
  • Scalability – Every situation is different and our rehab system is scalable for each house.  Because of this scalability, we can take a distressed house, strip it down to its studs, and finish it in 5 weeks or less!
  • Marketing – You have to know your market and boy, do we know ours!  Before the rehab is complete our realtors are already making the plans to sell the house within a short time frame.  The house is marketed, priced competitively, and sells within a very short period of time.   

Rehab?  WE KNOW REHAB!!  Browse our rehab photo gallery or watch our rehab video below!